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Public Budget Reviews

The chamber will have representatives who attend and keep chamber leadership informed about proposed budgets which are presented at various budget hearings. Budgets reviewed annually include: Cowlitz County, Kelso and Longview School Districts, CDID #1, Port of Longview, Cities of Kelso and Longview.

  • Maintain a presence at budget hearings for public entities.
  • Keep the chamber board of directors updated on the process and any recommendation needing attention.
  • Make and distribute a final report to the board of directors. Make the report available to members of the chamber.

Budget and Finance

Chair: Neil Zick, Twin City Bank
Work with President/CEO to prepare and present the annual budget to the board of directors.

  • Conduct financial reviews on projects generating non-dues revenue for the chamber.
  • Recommend short and long-term investments.
  • Assure the chamber's annual financial review is completed; make a report to the board upon completion.
  • Ensure that the chamber is providing appropriate resources to address its programs and that it is following good fiscal policy.

Standing Committees