The Healthy Mouth Movement Partnership

Aspen Dental Management, Inc. and the Aspen Dental-branded practices operating in Washington, invite you to the upcoming MouthMobile community-giving initiative on October 27th.  At this event, dentists from Aspen Dental practices will be delivering free care to our nation’s veterans in partnership with the Longview Housing Authority.

Many people throughout the country, and right here in Washington, struggle to access oral healthcare when they need it, whether due to barriers like their own financial situation, availability, time, or deep-seeded emotional fears. Those barriers kept more than 150 million American adults from visiting a dentist last year. Aspen Dental dentists and team members want to bring relief to some of those folks in need; so this year, through the Healthy Mouth Movement, teams will be volunteering their time and talents to deliver free dental care in communities across the U.S via the MouthMobile, a fully-functioning dentist office on wheels.

Event Details:
Aspen Dental MouthMobile community-giving initiative in Longview, Washington < > Kelso-Longview Elks Lodge, 900 Ash St., Kelso, Washington 98626< > Tuesday, October 27th < >: 9:00am - 12:00pm 

About The Healthy Mouth Movement:
Giving Back to the Community – Millions of Americans unfortunately aren’t visiting the dentist. In fact, according to the American Dental Association, adult dental care visits continue to decline – a 2012 survey found that just 35.4% of adults indicated they had visited the dentist the previous year. That’s 155 million American adults who didn’t visit the dentist.  The Healthy Mouth Movement is a community-giving initiative launched by Aspen Dental practices in 2014 to deliver free dental care to thousands of people in need in communities across the U.S. and to provide oral health education to millions more. Through the Healthy Mouth Movement, dentists and their team members in nearly 30 states devoted a day to providing much-needed dental care to those who need it most – free of charge. Where care isn’t readily available, the MouthMobile, a fully-equipped dental office on wheels, goes directly into communities to provide free services and to raise awareness of oral health.  In its inaugural year, the Healthy Mouth Movement served close to 3,000 patients by nearly 2,000 team members from independently owned and operated Aspen Dental practices who volunteered their time and talents to deliver more than $1 million in free dental care.

Continuing the Mission in 2015 By Empowering Veterans -- This year the Healthy Mouth Movement will provide much-needed dental care and oral health education to our nation’s veterans, free of charge, on the MouthMobile as it travels across the country.  The MouthMobile will serve veterans at 28 stops in 21 states this year including Washington, where the local Aspen Dental practices will work with local veteran organizations to serve veterans in need of care.  As part of our commitment, Aspen Dental is teaming up with Got Your 6, a highly influential campaign that helps strengthen communities and empower veterans nationwide. Got Your 6 - meaning “I got your back” - focuses on six key pillars of veteran reintegration, including leadership, health and education.

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